June 16, 2008

  • i have been absent on xanga for a bit…probably because i’ve moved on to a few different places. check me out on twitter, facebook, or the recruiting blog that i’m contributing to once/week, fistfuloftalent.

    want to know more? you probably know how to reach me… so go ‘head and do it!


April 14, 2008

  • farewell weekend.

    jealousy got me onto facebook. i couldn’t believe one of my friends wouldn’t send me pics from a girls weekend we had recently! she said she’d only put them on facebook and that it was about time i joined. how could she not share photos with me, right? so i joined. and i now see more photos than i really was prepared to see. and i now worry as every picture of me seems to be with a gin and tonic in hand. i do love my gin and tonics…

    gin and tonics at la halles + asia9 on thursday. gin and tonics at lotus + science club on friday. gin and tonics at 18th street lounge + mie n u on saturday. it’s a wonder that i managed to get off my sleepy bum and out to do some running this weekend despite all those gin and tonics. but i did. and i’m re-dedicating myself to running, i think. perhaps the army ten miler in october? perhaps. i’ll just work my way up on the stamina front and see how i feel in the next month. average runs are at 5-6 miles at this point. new running pants today should give me some motivation for at least a few weeks. 5.23 today:

    on my run today, i was thinking. i should be careful. it can only be just fun and games for so long, if that makes sense. i
    should be careful when there are feelings involved. no one deserves to get hurt, and if i can prevent feelings from getting hurt… well, i should do it. companionship is nice. someone to smooch on every so often is nice… but let me not be selfish here.

    that’s it.

    good night.

April 9, 2008

  • and then there was nothing.

    i guess there’s a reason why certain people become a part of your past and no longer are in the present.

    over the last week or so, i’ve either bumped into or purposely met up with folks from my recent past (recent past = the last three years let’s say and from various parts of the last three years too). with the planned meetings, my intentions were good. i wanted to catch up. i wanted to see a friendly face, i kinda was interested in any new gossip that i might have missed out on. after the exchange of pleasantries though, i realized that i was somewhat bored with the conversations and well, to put it bluntly, bored with the person too. so i was thinking, there obviously was reason why i hadn’t tried to actively keep these individuals in my present – i just wasn’t compelled. sure, that makes me sound kinda bitchy as if i’m better than them or don’t need them. but i have realized over the past few years that i don’t need a lot of friends. i just need a few key friends and my family to keep me fulfilled and sane. it’s too difficult to sustain deep and compelling relationships with a lot of different people – and truthfully, i don’t think that there are many individuals worth the time and effort. so, i keep a core group close to me and that’s it.

    the weird thing was that with seeing people from my past, whether it was intentionally planned meet-ups or those run-in’s, after getting over the initial niceties of seeing each other again after whatever the period of time was… i felt nothing. it sounds sad, but it was oddly reassuring too because it confirmed there clearly was a reason why ties were cut. this makes me sound cold, i realize. it was nice though to realize that decisions and actions were made for a reason. validation that i’m doing the right thing and that people serve purposes for certain periods of time.

    (miss alyssa. if you’re reading. consider yourself exempted from this post. this doesn’t apply to you. :) just want to make sure that’s clear.)

  • my sister’s most recent blog entry reminded me that i took this pic at the airport of all places before heading to seattle last week. it’s cherry blossom season and they are everywhere. it reminds me of seattle and the beautiful trees on the university of washington campus. nothing beats the cherry blossoms around the mall though. this pic i snapped up at reagan national last week though:

April 7, 2008

  • notes from seattle.

    back from seattle. got food poisoning from some stupid mahi mahi tacos that i had for lunch at chinooks. never again.

    thursday, went to work but mid-day, i took a break to go with my pal to finalize her wedding dress order. she’s getting a dress from a fab local designer, wai ching. some pics from the studio – beautiful, beautiful stuff:

    a version of the dress she’ll be wearing:

    i was really impressed with the dress below on the left. the details are amazing. and the cool thing is that the designer, chrissy, hand-dies the silks:


    thursday evening, one of the highlights was checking out the renovated Seattle Art Museum, also known affectionately in Seattle as the SAM. i was so impressed with what they’ve done. some highlights –

    the outside of SAM –

    the lobby of SAM –

    some of the new modern art stuff –

    part of their special roman artifacts exhibit –

    the old grand entrance to SAM, now kinda abandoned –

    old hammering man outside –

    that’s it for now. am waiting for a food delivery. finally am hungry again, which is a great sign!

April 4, 2008

  • well, it’s a typical seattle day here. gloomy, a little bit of drizzle… and i love it.

    not much has changed here but what has, i like. a few more tall buildings, the SAM has been renovated and rehauled, a few new and cool restaurants.

    pictures later. having a nice time though.

April 2, 2008

  • pretty much all packed and ready to go to seattle. i will take my luggage to work and leave for the airport around lunchtime.

    i was looking through pictures from my travels over the past year just now… and i have total wanderlust now. i need a big trip. soon. 

    this was a great pic i took in morocco though – i thought this kid was so cute. the color of the fence, against the greenery of the trees and then the sky… just great. plus i got the kid and his shadow. check it out:

March 31, 2008

  • i’m kind of a wordy person. i use too many words. but i like the words that i use. and i choose them carefully, especially when having to put them in writing. but sometimes, i use words when they aren’t really necessary. they might not even be asked for, or given at the right time. i frequently like to just get whatever is on my mind off of my chest, whether you ask for it or not.

    but, when a month ago or so i received an email from someone in my past… i had such a strange reaction when i realized that she had sent me a note that i didn’t want or need. it was basically an explanation for why some things had happened, plus an apology of some sort. as i thought about why she sent it and where she might have been coming from, i really felt like the message was really more something she sent to help herself rather than help me in any way. she really needed to get something off of her chest so as to ease her guilt or something like that. i didn’t need it. i didn’t want it. but she sent it never the less. and i was forced to read it and deal with it. i thought it was strange. i thought it was overkill. but i never imagined that i would do the same or be that way though. i’ve not ever caught myself doing that… until now. or maybe i’ve been completely unaware when doing this in the past. but i guess i did the same thing last night. unrestrained, i sent this long email to a friend because i felt compelled. clarification over a particular situation wasn’t asked for… yet i gave it. it’s funny how we choose to react to situations.

    so today, a friend says to me when i tell him about my unsolicited and wordy email that sometimes clarification is reserved for when people ask for it rather than when you feel like giving it. he said that’s always the way it is with wordy
    people. we talk for ourselves, the conversations we’ve already
    plotted in our heads and all but finalized. and he was so right. i’m always having conversations with myself that i’d like to have with others. usually, i’ll have the conversation eventually… but i just need for it to play out in my head first. maybe it doesn’t come out the way i had originally intended. but i had the conversation already because the words mean so much. this perhaps is only interesting to me. but i found it interesting. all those words.

March 30, 2008

  • sweat equity

    seriously, this is sweat equity – the dresser and nightstand that i acquired on saturday at ikea… which means i had to put the damn things together:

    i also took some time today to shop a bit for some decorative items for my place. i’m tired of it looking so drab. hopefully though, i won’t go overboard and start buying a lot of crap. courtesy of west elm:

    tired but in a chill and productive mood… last night was K street lounge and then ESL. good times as always although i can’t stand the number of douche-bags at K street. i would never go voluntarily. i must say though, i was feeling quite lucky and lovely… i somehow got away with no cover at both. it’s nice to be a gal.

    this afternoon, post-shopping, coffee @ murky, and dinner at piola’s. i didn’t love the pizza. i think i have to stop eating pizza if it isn’t going to be 2 amy’s

March 29, 2008

  • 1.5 years after moving to DC, i finally get some bedroom furniture. today, we swung by ikea and found a dresser and nightstand. i managed to put both together on my own in about two hours. i’m impressed with myself… but exhausted. time for a nap. before i catch some z’s though… some more pics from my weekend in philly last weekend: